Body Ripped SPS

Body Ripped SPS – Body Ripped’s revolutionary Superior Protein System makes all other obsolete! Never again will you have to suffer the expense and inconvenience those outdated daytime, night-time, pre-workout and post-workout formulas…. Superior Protein System replaces them all!

Introducing Body Ripped Superior Protein System with Micellagen 4™, the first anti-catabolic high GMAA*(growth-modulating amino acids) protein supplement ever produced in Australia! Superior is the one protein supplement that can balance amino-acid levels and modulate their delivery (through its bio-engineered growth regulating protein fractions) all day long for a greater anti-catabolic and musclebuilding effect than ever before.

What is Body Ripped Superior Protein System?

Superior Protein System is named like so because it has a Superior amino-acid profi that is custom bio-engineered to the requirements of athletes, coupled to a unique and efficient System for staged delivery of aminos to thBody Ripped SPSe muscle cells. First by modifying the composition and balance of the protein micro-fractions, Superior Protein System has achieved an amino acid profile better suited to the athlete’s metabolic requirements than any previous product. By then controlling the release of these aminos, and in particular spreading the delivery of the key GMAA’s over an extended period, Superior Protein System is powerfully effective at preventing muscle tissue breakdown during and after exercise, and more proficient at fuellingn muscle-growth away from training. In fact, the results from this new approach are so far ahead of the old-style of protein formulas that the only name we could give our new powder was Superior Protein System.

The secret behind the Superior Protein System

Micellagen 4™ Superior Protein System is powered by Body Ripped’s new custom-engineered protein complex Micellagen 4™. This revolutionary new 4 macro-stage hybrid-protein is partially based around the anti-catabolic protein fraction Micellar Casein with the addition of a tailored blend of specially modified whey and casein proteins. Each of the protein fractions in Micellagen 4™ were specifi cally selected for their amino content and availability, with the goal being to supply the key GMAA’s more evenly and in greater quantity than previously possible, and over a longer time frame. Additionally, balancing amino delivery prevents ‘spillover’, causing the de-amination of excess protein from too-fast or uneven delivery – a frequent problem with many whey-only proteins. The achievement of this goal with Micellagen 4™ gives Superior Protein System a greater anti-catabolic effect than previous protein powders, encouraging protein-anabolism by providing the key GMAA’s for up to 7 hours! With an amino-acid profi le that is tailored to the needs of athletes, and with a staged-release that is designed to give a smooth and uninterrupted delivery of nitrogen to the muscle cell over many hours – this new supplement gives your muscles what they need, when they need it.